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Two women in trouble with the law and they both have such bad mugshots we had to have a tie for mugshot of the day!

An Ohio woman accused of shoplifting from Walmart faces drug charges.  When police were called to the Walmart after she was caught allegedly shoplifting a bag, police officers searched her and found a hypodermic needle, crystal meth, and a suboxone pill.   Her mugshot and full story below.

Ohio woman accused of shoplifting from Walmart faces drug charges, police say

An Ohio woman faces charges after shoplifting from a Walmart, officials say, and when she was stopped for stealing a bag, they said they found drug-related items on her. According to The Vindicator, 27-year-old Alyssa Zebrasky was arrested on the shoplifting charge at a Walmart in Boardman, Ohio.

What did a woman do when her guy refused to go down on her? Well according to court documents she punched him approximately 25 times, hit him with a belt and cell phone, then while nude she chased him and pushed him down. She then sat on his face and demanded he performed on her sexually. The woman was arrested on domestic assault and sexual abuse charges then got slapped with another charge when she allegedly smeared fecal matter on the walls of her holding cell and also for breaking a jail facility phone.  Her mugshot and full story below.


Woman clubs boyfriend, sits on his face for refusing oral sex

A "very violent" Mohawked Missouri woman clobbered her live-in lover as she demanded he perform oral sex on her, the victim and authorities said. Amy Nicole Parrino, 43, was busted on charges of domestic assault and sexual abuse for the Sunday night incident that occurred at Parrino and the man's Boone County home.