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Have You Seen the Fan Who Screams at Opposing Players' Free Throws?

This may not be the best free throw psych-out ever.  Heck, it's probably not all that effective . . . but it's definitely worth seeing.  And hearing. 

It's a female Cal State Northridge basketball fan who shrieks every time an opposing player shoots a free throw.  They featured it on SportsCenter . . . and even found a clip of her doing it five seasons ago.

Crazy Northridge Fan

Every time UCSB took a free throw!



Cal State Northridge Basketball Fan Shrieks Like She's Dying During Free Throws

Last night on SportsCenter, Scott Van Pelt brought attention to the archetypal college basketball fan of a bad team who maybe cares too much. This shrieking Cal State Northridge fan was trying her best to pierce the eardrums of Washington State players-as well as everyone in the stadium, all the citizens of Pullman, and possibly every resident of Washington-on each opposing free throw.