(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Are You Supposed to Eat Burgers Upside-Down?

Have we been eating burgers wrong our whole lives?  There's a tweet going viral right now that says we SHOULD be eating them upside-down . . . since the top bun is bigger, it'll absorb the juices and condiments and do a better job keeping the burger from falling apart or dripping.


People Are Making A Very Compelling Case For Eating Hamburgers Upside Down

There's a grassroots movement taking place right now with people suggesting the best way to eat a burger (hamburger or cheeseburger) is upside down. You might already be eating your burger this way, or it could be something you do unconsciously when picking up a fully-loaded burger, or you might think it's blasphemous to eat the burger this way.