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Three Generations Of Cloned Mice. The Second Level Combines Both The Second And Third Generations, Demonstrating The Magnitude Of The Process, A Result Of A New And Relatively Simple Cloning Technique Discovered By Scientists At The University Of Hawaii July 1998. The Scientists Have Created Dozens Of Cloned Mice, Marking The First Documented Cloning Of Adult Mammals Since Researchers In Scotland Announced The Birth Of Dolly The Sheep Last Year. (Photo By Getty Images)

I think we could all learn a lesson of determination from the mouse in this video.  It fails six different times in its attempt to jump from a tree branch to a bird feeder.  Then on the seventh try, it makes a successful connection.


Persistent Mouse Refuses To Bend To The Will Of The Universe

The 1990s did not end on January 1, 2000. At least, not in the cultural sense. Was it in 2001, when the original "Fast and the Furious" premiered? 1996, when Blur released that WOO-hoo song? Was it 2010?