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A 300-Pound Woman Confesses to Murdering Her Boyfriend in a Crazy Way!

A 300-pound woman in Pennsylvania just pleaded guilty to killing her 120-pound boyfriend back in March . . . by CRUSHING him under her after an argument.  She's facing up to 36 years in prison for third-degree murder.


300 pound woman pleads guilty to murder of boyfriend by sitting on him

Windi Thomas, 44, attacked her boyfriend Keeno Butler, 44, with a knife and a table leg after a row at their home in Eerie, Pennsylvania in March She then sat on his chest, crushing her 120lb boyfriend to death Thomas was reportedly drinking and looking to buy crack before the incident Thomas is pleading to 3rd degree murder with a recommended sentence of 18-36 years in prison A Pennsylvania woman who killed her much smaller boyfriend by crushing him to death has pleaded guilty to third degree murder.