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Hostess Is Making Cereal Out of Its Powdered Donuts

Hostess and Post announced two new dessert-to-breakfast conversions:  Honey Bun cereal . . . and powdered donut cereal.  Both of them will hit stores next month.

Hostess Powdered Donettes And Honey Bun Cereals Will Launch Next Year

Powdered donuts in cereal form are now a thing, as Post and Hostess have teamed up for Donette AND Honey Bun Cereal flavors.

Burger King Is Bringing Its Cini Minis Back From the ’90s

Burger King just put the Cini Minis back on their menu, and they cost $1.49 for four of them. They’re only back for a limited time so, you know, have at ’em.

Burger King's Cini Minis Are Back and You Can Get Them for Free, but Only Through This App

The best '90s Burger King treat is back, and we know how you can get them for free. The burger chain with the fastest drive-thru in America is bringing back its fan-favorite gooey, cinnamon-y, delicious mini cinnamon rolls called Cini Minis, beginning November 29.