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CENTENNIAL, CO - SEPTEMBER 15: Connor Holzhauer, 7, plays on a moving truck after arriving home from school to find his family evicted and belongings removed to the front lawn on September 15, 2011 in Centennial, Colorado. Sheriff's deputies served a court order to evict the family of five after they had earlier fallen behind in a rent payment, and the owner sued for their eviction. The renter, John Holzhauer, a home building contractor, said he lost up to 40 percent of his business due to the weak economy and continued housing crisis. He said he paid the owner his outstanding rent balance the week before, aside from a $100 dispute, when the deputies came knocking. The eviction team removed all their belongings from the house and changed the lock. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

A dude in London is on the hunt for a new roommate and his ad is starting to go viral…for all the wrong reasons!

The posting had an enormous list of demands that the future roommate would have to meet. Including but not limited to, times they would be allowed to cook, limits on noise, and what time they need to work.

People have been lighting this guys ad up on twitter!



People are aghast at this super long list of roommate requirements

Most of us are just happy with a roommate who's clean and pays rent on time. Not this particular renter in London, whose fastidious list of demands for a future roommate has gone viral over the weekend. The requirements, posted by Twitter user @rxdazn, were originally sent to someone who wanted to check out the available room.