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Ohio police were called on a half naked woman that was rolling around in the streets of Youngstown.  Officers found the woman laying in the middle of the street with her pants and panties pulled down and she was foaming from the mouth.  The woman seemed to be disorientated, she stood up and fell down, then asked officers if they “wanted to play?”

The woman also had her dogs with her and when an EMT arrived she kicked them in the throat. She was arrested on assault charges and charges related to having her dogs in the street.


Police: Ohio woman in street with pants down asked officers, 'You wanna play?'

Police say a woman was found half naked, foaming at the mouth and rolling in the middle of the road in Youngstown Tuesday evening. When police approached 58-year-old Denise Molina she had her pants and underwear pulled down and what appeared to be white foam on her mouth.