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There’s a new product that’s like a Keurig for COCKTAILS . . . you put in a pod, and it makes your drink. 

There are pods for 24 different kinds of beverages that including beer and over a dozen mixed drinks. Some of the cocktails available are an Old Fashioned, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Moscow Mule, and more!

The home bar will cost about $299 with the cocktail cups going for about $3.99.  They are being tested in the St. Louis area currently and hope to fully launch nationwide in 2019.


The Keurig For Cocktails Is Here And It's Cheaper Than A Night Out

Keurig revolutionized early mornings by creating a machine that spews out coffee by just dropping a small pod into the dispenser. Now, happy hours are just as simple. On Tuesday, the company introduced the Drinkworks Home Bar.