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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 06: David O'Mer a bathtub acrobat of La Clique performs at the Famous Spiegeltent in Hyde Park as part of the 2008 Sydney Festival on January 5, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. For three weeks each January the Sydney Festival offers a rich program of around 80 events involving upwards of 500 artists from Australia and abroad. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

A Michigan woman was stuck in her bathtub for 5 days when she sat down for a bath and couldn’t get herself back out.

The woman sat down in her tub on October 15th and could not reach the handrail to pull herself out when she was done.  She lives alone and left her cell phone in another room so she had to way to communicate with anyone.  Luckily a postal worker noticed her mail was pilling up and alerted a neighbor.  After concerned neighbors started investigating they discovered she had been trapped in the tub for 5 days.


5-day bath: Postal worker, neighbors find Michigan woman stuck in bathtub

So she spent Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday alone waiting for a rescue. Gibson didn't have any food to eat during the ordeal and subsisted on drinking bath water.