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WUHAN, CHINA - DECEMBER 9: (CHINA OUT) Members of the Filmka Stunt Team, based in Hollywood, perform car stunts at a stunt show December 9, 2006 in Wuhan of Hubei Province, China. The Filmka Stunt Team made their Chinese debut in Shanghai this March and will tour around 20 Chinese cities in two years, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Hong Kong, according to state media. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

We couldn’t confirm where this video is from, but one of the comments says it’s Taiwan.  It’s video of two cars on a giant seesaw contraption.  One car backs its way up and onto the platform, and the other car follows so they end up nose-to-nose.

And just like kids playing seesaw, the platform dips to one side or the other as a car creeps forward or backwards.  It looks REALLY dangerous, but when they’re done, the passengers wave to the people below as if they just finished a carnival ride.

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