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PETALUMA, CA - NOVEMBER 21: Broad Breasted White turkeys stand in their enclosure at Tara Firma Farms on November 21, 2017 in Petaluma, California. An estimated forty six million turkeys are cooked and eaten during Thanksgiving meals in the United States. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A woman from New Hampshire was riding her motorcycle on her way into work the other morning when a turkey decided to take off and fly. The turkey flew right into the woman giving her no time to react and knocking her off her motorcycle.  She suffered a broken hand and some minor scraps, but overall  she’s okay and, quote, “I got to keep the turkey, so that was good.”


Fremont woman knocked off motorcycle by flying turkey

FREMONT - Jess Downing never thought she'd be taken out by a wild turkey. The 24-year-old Fremont woman was riding her red 2011 Kawasaki motorcycle on the way to her masonry job in Chester one morning last week when a turkey perched on a stone wall in a field decided to take flight.