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BERLIN, GERMANY - AUGUST 18: Participants, or furries, as they prefer to be called, attend a march on the second day of the 2016 Eurofurence furries gathering on August 18, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Approximately 2,500 furries from all over the world will participate in the four-day convention that includes dance parties, fashion shows and art events. Furries describe themselves as anthropomorphic actors and the movement has its roots in science fiction and fantasy genres going back to the 1980s. (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

A 68-year-old man from China enjoys putting on a leopard outfit and romping around the city like an animal.

The reason he does this is to stay in shape.  He has created a “leopard fitness” regime and romping around the city in the same way an animal would has helped keep him fit.


Grandfather, 68, dons leopard outfit to romp around city in animal-like fashion

We have so many questions about this particular workout.