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A video is making the rounds of some idiot at a New Zealand waterfront, who got bored and broke a $200,000 art sculpture.  He’s climbing the length of its structure, when the metal pole bends until it snaps at its base and the guy falls into the water.

Man Scales and Snaps $300,000 Sculpture on Wellington Waterfront

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The pole hits his head on the way down, but he’s fine.  You can see the wound he got at the :55 mark in this interview.  No word on what kind of punishment he’s facing.


Man who snapped $300,000 Wellington waterfront sculpture says there 'wasn't a sign' telling people not to do it

The man who was filmed breaking an expensive sculpture on Wellington's waterfront yesterday has opened up about his actions, saying he was "bored" and "there wasn't a sign that says don't climb". Hunter Macdonald went viral on social media after climbing the Len Lye Water Whirler sculpture in the capital yesterday.