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Play-Doh’s newest product is called “Poop Troop” and lets kids make poop shapes that have eyes.  Like a poop emoji. 

It looks like their combining two of children’s most beloved toys.  Play-Doh and Mister Potato Head but with a poopy spin.

Play-Doh Poop Troop Playset Unboxing! | Create 50+ hilarious Characters!

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Some parents are not happy about it and feel like poop should not be made out to be a toy or plaything.  What do you think?  is it that bad or cool?


Just dropped: Play-Doh's Poop Troop

Hasbro has announced its latest Play-Doh set. It's called "Poop Troop." It's kind of like a Mr. Potato Head except that instead of a plastic potato body, you stick the arms, eyes, and other anthropomorphizing pieces into a squishy, emoji-like poop swirl of Play-Doh. Who's in your poop troop?!