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Jade Springart


Riff2’s Undercover Sound System Playlist 10.01.18

  1. Piqued Jacks – “Loner Vs. Lover”
  2. Houses – “Fast Talk” (Downtown)
  3. Pop Noir – “White Jazz” (Fantastic Heat)
  4. RUFUS DU SOL – “Underwater” (Reprise)
  5. Matthew Dear – “Horses” (Ghostly International)
  6. Banfi – “If Not For You” (Communion)
  7. LowRay – “Friends and Fakers”
  8. Roosevelt – “Under The Sun” (City Slang/Greco-Roman)
  9. Mini Mansions – “Midnight In Tokyo”
  10. Charmless i – “Dream (The Night Hag)” (TCBYML)
  11. Erthlings – “Bridges” (Future Classic)
  12. They Might Be Giants – “The Communists Have The Music” (Idlewild)
  13. Rebelle – “The Rapture”
  14. Lucia – “Bigger” (Columbia)
  15. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – “Fresh Start” (Blackheart)
  16. Nothing But Thieves – “Forever and Ever More” (RCA)

Piqued Jacks - Loner VS Lover [Official Video]

LYRICS I've caught a suspicious mouse I should shut it out, shut it out Right on Right on Still I can hear it loud and clear Talking, annoying my ears Beyond the walls, from the lock of the door CHORUS I'm a loner, whatcha gonna do about it?