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A couple of months ago we saw a woman with her head stuck inside the tailpipe of a truck.  This isn’t as impressive, but it’s pretty close.  A guy in Vietnam woke up with his head stuck BETWEEN the tailpipe and tire of his motorcycle.

He had been drinking the night before and had no idea how it happened.  Someone used a wrench to loosen the tailpipe so he could get out.  It happened earlier this year but the video is making the rounds now.


'Drunk' man wakes up with head stuck in motorcycle exhaust

Villagers in Vietnam laughed as they helped a man remove his head from a motorbike exhaust after allegedly having a heavy night.Footage captured on Lai Chai province shows the man looking worse for wear as villagers attempt to prise his head from the pipes of the bike.Eyewitnesses claim the man was drunk and say he could not remember how his head ended up in the bike's exhaust.The footage was filmed on May 19.