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Brick + Mortar have released their latest album titled Meta Meta Etc.!

The band has released four EP’s since 2010 and are excited to release their first full length on their own record label. Brandon Asraf of the band gave a rundown of every track on the album and you can check that out HERE! Check out the official music video for “All Alone” below!

Brick + Mortar - All Alone (Official Video)

Meta Meta Etc. OUT NOW! Produced & Directed by: Sami Joensuu Editor & Colorist: Ludvig Woll Animators: Johan Lindhe & Tre Bennett Cinematographers: Sami Joensuu & Richie Brown Production Company: GTWGP Cast: Stefano Azzalini, Brandon Asraf, John Tacon, Daimon Alexandrius-Santa Maria, Jen Alexandrius, Christine Mazur, Alex Zuccaro, Kenny Schlatman, Goldpants Alex, Amelia Spitler.