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Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass is back.  But this time, they’re not just offering a pass that gets you unlimited food for eight weeks for $100 . . . they’re offering unlimited food for an entire YEAR for $300.  The cards go on sale tomorrow at 2:00 P.M. Eastern and they’ll probably sell out immediately.


Olive Garden Is Bringing Back Never Ending Pasta With An ANNUAL Pasta Pass

For eight weeks each year, Olive Garden unleashes the Never Ending Pasta Pass onto the most dedicated carb lovers of the world. But in true OG fashion - ever heard of a little thing called unlimited breadsticks? Or the pizza bowl, perhaps? - eight weeks just wasn't enough.

Animal Crackers Are Now Cage-Free . . . Nabisco Has Redesigned Their Classic Box

After more than a century, Barnum's lets its animal crackers roam free with a box redesign

PETA is celebrating an announcement by Barnum's Animal Crackers that their boxes will no longer feature animals in cages.

Pop-Tarts Cereal . . . Which Only Existed For One Year in the Mid ’90s . . . Is Coming Back

Pop-Tarts Cereal Is BACK & '90s Babies Will Flip Over The Flavors

Let me take you back, for a moment, to September 1994, when the landscape of cereal innovation was changed forever. That, my friends, was the year that Pop-Tarts Crunch cereal was first introduced to the market. Back then, "Pop-Tarts for your spoon"...