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How did a Woman Break Her Vagina?!?

A sex columnist from Australia shares her tale of caution after she claims to have broken her own vagina.

After her divorce, 34-year old Nadia Bokody didn't feel quite ready to invite a new partner into the bedroom yet, so she decided to purchase a toy for herself and soon became obsessed with her new friend. Bokody became concerned when when she began to experience pelvic pain and had some trouble walking around her office.

After receiving a clean bill of health from her doctor she made the connection between her discomfort and recent purchase and is now warning other women against the dangers of over using their favorite toys in hopes that they may avoid making the same embarrassing mistake.


Woman who 'broke' her vagina shares hilarious warning about trying new sex toys

By now we've all seen that Sex and the City scene. The one where Charlotte discovers the Rabbit vibrator and cancels all plans for the foreseeable future, in favour of time alone with her new toy.