A Guy Sneaks in Wu-Tang Clan Lyrics During a Talk Show Panel

Dylan Alcott is a DJ in Australia, and a Paralympic gold medalist.  He was on a TV talk show discussing people living with disabilities, and as a prank, he kept sneaking in WU-TANG CLAN lyrics and references.

Nobody seemed to have a clue that it was happening.  The idea came from one of his listeners who challenged him to do it.

Dylan Alcott sneaks Wu-Tang lyrics on live TV

triple j's breakfast presenter and wheelchair athlete Dylan Alcott was a panelist on the ABC's Q&A disability special. While he was there, triple j listeners challenged him to drop as many Wu-Tang references as he could. How did he go? http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/triplej-breakfast/how-many-wu-tang-references-did-dylan-alcott-sneak-on-to-q&a/9910728