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A 31-year-old guy in Florida got pulled over for drunk driving on Sunday . . . told the cops to mind their own business . . . then floored it and crashed into a tree!

He was caught and handcuffed after a brief foot chase. He complained of back and chest pains so they took him to a hospital to get evaluated where he exposed himself to a doctor.  After being cleared by medical staff, on the way to jail he “turned himself upside down in the back seat,” putting his feet on the roof.

He also threatened to urinate in squad car, used racial slurs, and had to be put in a restraint chair while being booked.


Traffic stop goes from bad to worse for Eustis man

EUSTIS - A simple traffic stop quickly spiraled out of control early Sunday morning for a Eustis man who decided he wasn't going to jail quietly.The Florida Highway Patrol says Hunter C. Padgett, 31, was stopped at 3:34 a.m.