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Let this be a warning to any parents that may consider dressing their toddler in ‘open crotch’ pants!

A toddler in China is recovering after an accident on an escalator.  The one-year-old was running in a store in China when he tripped and fell on the escalator.  Due to his ‘open crotch’ pants his wee little willie got caught in a gap between the escalator steps.  Firefighters had to free him and sent him to the hospital for treatment of his ripped foreskin.

The boy will make a full recovery and will not experience any reproductive issues, but may have an very intense fear of escalators for the rest of his life.


Chinese toddler's horrific injuries after getting caught in escalator

A year old boy tripped himself over while running towards an escalator in China He was wearing a pair of open-crotch pants and had his penis trapped in gap Firefighters freed the toddler and sent him to hospital for emergency surgery Doctors said the boy's penis was left exposed with ripped foreskin A toddler boy has tripped himself on an escalator and had his genitals trapped between gaps at a shopping mall in central China.