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A 36-year-old man from Belarus was flying his paratrike (which is like a go kart with a big fan on the back attached to a parachute that flies) when he crashed into a forest.

When he crashed a sharp branch impaled his shoulder.  They could not remove it at the scene of the crash because it would have caused him to bleed out.  So they took him to the hospital with the branch still inside his shoulder.

The man was in good spirits, he even made jokes about getting “this splinter” out of him and posing for pictures.


Belarusian Pilot Crashes and Gets Impaled By Tree, Poses For Pictures And Shouts To Doctors "I am Groot!"

Getting impaled was one of the most gruesome ways to die during the middle ages. It was especially popular in Central and Eastern Europe. However this time it was not on purpose but it was an pilot crashing and getting impaled by a massive tree branch.