Last night, Smashing Pumpkins threw down on their newest song “Solara” as well as “Zero” on ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.’

Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jeff Schroeder as the classics, along with bassist Jack Bates, we get a chance to see what we should expect on the ‘Shiny Oh So Bright’ tour. 

According to NME, “‘Solara’ is taken from the upcoming release of three EPs of new material. The eight tracks recorded (titled ‘Alienation’, ‘Travels’, ‘Silvery Sometimes’, ‘Solara’, ‘With Sympathy’, ‘Marchin’ On’, ‘Knights of Malta’, ‘Seek And You Shall Destroy’) were produced by Rick Rubin and are said to have a ‘classic’ Pumpkins sound.”

On top of that, there are posters that are lurking around London, donning the lyrics from “Bullet With Butterfly Wings,” that says “The world is a vampire,” with the date 16*10*18, which we figure stands for October 16, 2018.

Watch the band perform on ‘Fallon’ below:



The Smashing Pumpkins: Zero

Music guest The Smashing Pumpkins performs their hit "Zero" in this digital-exclusive Tonight Show performance.