(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Man gets leech pulled out his nostril after living inside his nose!

A Chinese man suffering from pain in his nose went to the doctors and had to have an enormous leech removed with tweezers.

Footage from Chinese social media shows the leech squirming around on the end of the tweezers after being plucked from inside the man's nostril.  The man had no idea he had anything living in his nose and causing his ailments.


Stomach-churning moment a LEECH is pulled out from a man's nostril

WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT Video shows a man having a leech removed from his nose by a doctor in China He had been suffering from nose pain and went to the hospital for a checkup Doctor prise open his nose with forceps before pulling the leech with tweezers A Chinese man has apparently had a live leech removed from his nostril after suffering from nose pain.