(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Dave Grohl Tricked Fans Into Thinking He Fell Offstage Again

The FOO FIGHTERS performed in Sweden on Tuesday, at the same place where Dave broke his leg after falling off the stage three years ago.  So, he decided to trick them into thinking he did it again.

He had a stunt double run out . . . hype up the crowd . . . and then promptly fall off the stage.  The guy fell onto a cushion, but most of the crowd didn't see that.  After a few seconds, the REAL Dave came out.

"Dave Grohl" falls off the stage in Sweden... AGAIN!

Nearly three years to the day that he broke his leg when he fell offstage in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dave Grohl fooled a crowd in the same city into thinking that he had done it again. Foo Fighters opened their concert with a man dressed as Grohl coming onstage and spilling out onto the floor!