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What Did a Woman do to Her Boyfriend For Blocking Her on Facebook?

A Florida woman got into an argument with her boyfriend of three years the other day over him blocking her on facebook.  The police report states thatthe woman entered their bedroom, jumped on top of her boyfriend and bit him on the arm!

The officer on scene reported seeing a red mark that was clearly left by a bite.  The woman claims that she bit him in self defense but the officers on scene couldn't find any evidence to support that.  The woman was arrested.


After Getting Blocked on Facebook, Florida Woman Bites Her Boyfriend

Umatilla (WTFF) - A Florida woman was arrested after reportedly biting her boyfriend during a dispute. Sheriffs came out to the couple's home on Chicago Ave. Saturday evening and met with the victim, Florida Man. He stated in the affidavit that he was "laying in bed" when his girlfriend of three years busted in ...