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How did poop fall from the sky onto a Canadian woman?

A Canadian woman is disgusted and looking for an apology and to get her car detailed after she claims she had liquid poop fall from the sky and land on her, her son, and their car last month.

It was around 1:30 in the afternoon on May 9th when Susan Allan and her son felt a wet substance fall on them.  She says it felt like a dump truck full of mud was dumped on them.  Brown and greyish drops were falling on them and their car and she says you could smell poop right away.  When they looked up to the sky a plane could be seen overhead.

Allan thinks the poopy substance was falling from the plane overhead.  More info in the story below.

Poop falls into car from sky

A woman is mortified after what she believes is feces fell from a plane into her vehicle and all over her.