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Four female NYPD Officers are in trouble after a picture of them posing with a male entertainer surfaced on social media. Side note: the guys dong is HUGE!!!

The photo shows the male stripper standing between two officers with his arms around them, a third officer pointing at his crotch drawing more attention to his already enormous package covered in only what we can assume is a XXXL man thong, and a fourth officer smiling in the background.  Another male entertainer and other females can be seen in the background as well.

The picture was actually taken at a local senior center Mother’s Day celebration.  A NYPD spokesperson said that the officers were not aware that the male entertainers would be at the celebration and the officers claim that the senior center participants encouraged the officers to take the photo.


Cops pose for picture with strippers, what could go wrong?

Four female NYPD cops are under the gun for posing for photos with a strapping stripper. The gals were all grins as the buff entertainer -- wearing nothing but boots and thong underwear -- draped his arms around two of them while a third pointed at his barely wrapped package.