Buckcherry is spending their summer on the road, but fans hoping for new music will be pleased to find out that a new studio album is on the way.

Frontman Josh Today recently talked to Beasley Media Group’s Meltdown from WRIF, and he gave a bit of a timeline on the next album, as well as some new music fans can expect to hear live at Buckcherry’s summer shows:

“We just finished all the writing for the next BC record.  That was a huge undertaking, and it’s just come out so well. So, we’re going to record that in October…Typically, it takes about, in a perfect world and everyone is healthy, anywhere from three weeks to four weeks…We could record it in two weeks, honestly.  We did that with [the 2005 album] ‘15,’ and I just did that with the [Josh Todd & The] Conflict record where we did it in 12 days. But this time on this record, I just want to make sure…I don’t want to rush through it. Not that we rush through any of them, but I was knocking through two songs a day vocally, and I don’t want to do that on this one. I want to take my time. We’ll see how quick it goes. Maybe three weeks…[But] we’re playing new Buckcherry [on tour.] We’re playing this song called “The Vacuum.” We’re playing that, and we might be playing another song called “The Devil’s In The Details.”

For a complete list of upcoming Buckcherry tour dates, head over to Buckcherry.com.

To listen to this interview in its entirety, go to WRIF.com.

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