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Burger King has announced that in honor of National Donut Day (tomorrow 6/1) for one day only, select Burger Kings will have the new “Whopper Donut” available, but it’s not really a donut at all.

It looks like it’s really just a whopper with a hole in the middle and according to the video you get a free mini slider…which is probably the “donut hole” of the Whopper Donut. Burger King even makes fun of this fact in their YouTube video description and claim “hey. If it has a donut hole in it, it’s a donut.”


On June 1st, the BURGER KING® brand will launch the first flame-grilled donut ever, the WHOPPER® Donut. Some of you might say it's just a WHOPPER® sandwich with a hole cut in it, and you might be right. But, hey. If it has a donut hole in it, it's a donut.

Check the link or the video to see if one of the Burger Kings near you will have the “Whopper Donut.”