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An 80-year-old man from the Chicago area had an accident the other day when he crashed his car right thru the window of a seafood store.

He didn’t let the accident affect him or his schedule for the day, because he calmly got out the vehicle and walked down a couple doors to get his haircut!  After he finished getting his haircut he walked over to scene of the accident and let the officers know he was the driver responsible.

Police believe he mistook the gas pedal for the brake and also had elevated blood sugar levels.  The man declined medical treatment and was eventually picked up by a family member.


80-year-old man crashes car into seafood store in Niles, then walks a few doors down to get a haircut

A man who reportedly drove his vehicle through the window of a Niles seafood market Wednesday morning wasn't going to let that interfere with his plans to get a haircut. "He was as calm as could be, getting his hair cut," said June Saraceno, owner of Hair Designs Unlimited in Niles, describing the driver's demeanor just minutes after the crash.