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A neighborhood in Brisbane, Australia is having an issue with a fecal terrorist. Neighbors have been terrorized by this malicious pooper for over a year now, but there may be a lead to solving this mystery.

The neighbors have set up a nightcam and finally captured an image of the fecal fanatic! The photo shows a gray haired man with his pants down and holding toilet paper.  Now they’re hoping that someone from the neighborhood or surrounding area will recognize him and they can put an end to the fecal terror that’s been taking place for the last year.


Neighbor's night vision camera catches 'poop jogger' in the act

Neighbors have snapped a photo of their infamous local "poop jogger" who has been defecating on their paths by night in a suburb of Brisbane, Australia. Residents of an apartment block in the southeastern Brisbane suburb of Greenslopes say they have been plagued for a year by a mystery person repeatedly defecating on their private property.