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Taking after a trend in Holland a cosmetic surgeon in New York has been implanting platinum jewels into patients eyes.   It’s typically a 5 minute procedure that is pretty much painless and takes about 3 days to heal.

Basically they cut a tiny hole into your eyeball and implant a tiny thin smoothed out piece of platinum.  After it’s healed patients can’t feel the new implant since it’s been custom shaped to fit the contour of their eye.  Would you get this done?


Doctor surgically implants heart-shaped platinum jewellery into woman's eyeball

A doctor has recorded the tense moment he surgically implanted a platinum piece of jewellery into a patient's eyeball. Emil Chynn filmed himself performing the nail-biting procedure, which required the insertion of a 3mm-by-4mm-wide platinum heart into the patient's eyeball, at Park Avenue LASEK Surgery, New York.