(Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images for GOLDOC)

A Workout Program Lets You Watch TV While You Run Outdoors By Strapping an iPad to Your Trainer's Back

A health club in England just started offering a workout program that lets you watch TV while you run outdoors . . . by strapping an iPad to your trainer's back.  So as long as you keep up with him, you can watch your show.


Gyms put TV screens on personal trainers backs so you can watch TV

David Lloyd 'PTV' sessions involve gym-goers running after their personal trainer Before the workout they choose a TV show and get pair of wireless headphones They can watch their show on a screen on trainer's back but only if they keep up Some athletes and public health bosses have raised health and safety concerns With our busy day-to-day lives and an obesity crisis to contend with, public health bosses are desperate to get more people being active.