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Police are looking for a man that has been caught on security camera trespassing onto homeowners properties and sniffing their clothes!  A man has been caught on camera in a neighborhood in Arizona lurking in people’s backyards, smelling their clothes and then leaving.  You can see some of the security footage below.  This has been an ongoing issue since December.  The neighborhood has a lot of children and the residents are worried there is a pervert wandering their area and hope that the man turns himself in.



Ahwatukee 'laundry sniffer' has families on edge

It's one thing to be concerned about somebody lurking around your backyard, but how about trespassing just to smell your laundry? That's what's happening in one Ahwatukee neighborhood, and it's all caught on camera. At around 12:30 a.m. Saturday, a homeowner's motion detection alarm went off. She has asked to stay anonymous.