(Photo Illustration by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Facebook filters mistook a picture of a puppy for something dirty!

Facebook's filters recently took down a photo of a hairless puppy.  But we get it, because it TOTALLY looks like something else in the photo.  #Penis

A teen from the Philippeans posted a photo of a three day old puppy and Facebook flagged it thinking it was a picture of a penis.


Sausage dog? Facebook BANS photo of hairless puppy for looking rude

Dominic Ibaos, 16, wanted to show off photos of tiny pooch asleep in his hand He shared image in animal lovers group for people in Davao City in Philippines One of dog lovers reported picture for being rude and Facebook sent a warning Pup, named Dimitri, is rare Xoloitzcuintli breed, also known as a Mexican hairless A teenage dog owner was left mortified after a photo of his newborn puppy was banned from Facebook - because animal lovers thought it was a penis.