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You hear people talking all the time about how their pet is like their child, or that they enjoy taking them places with them, or have them to come home to after a long day. 

Well, there’s actually science behind the fact that having a pet helps you with Stress, Anxiety, Depression and more! Looking at the factors of Unconditional Love, Reducing Stress, Talking To Someone Who Listens, and the stats behind it all – find some great excuses to get yourself a furry friend by reading these wonderful reasons why!

Unconditional Love

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If you’ve ever had a dog, you know what Unconditional Love is. Cats are not as forgiving, but when it comes to a waggly tail at the front door, an animal to greet you will bring your heart through the roof, and make you forget about your stress for a few minutes. PsychCentral shares that even M.D.’s like Karen Swartz say that nursing-home residents felt less lonely with a dog around. Having a pet to snuggle up with you and show you attention is a great feeling, especially if you live alone or have family members or partners that aren’t home the same times you are. A little face that runs the place in your heart, if you will.  And you’ll never have to wonder if they love you – because they’re right there with you every step of the way.