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VIDEO: Dave Grohl Adopts Fan For One Night, Adorableness Ensues

We all know Dave Grohl has a heart of gold, and it was on full display last night at the Foo Fighters show in Houston, Texas.

A fan by the name of Landon brought a sign that read, "No Dad.  Be Mine?"  Obviously, this caught the eye of Grohl, who then told Landon, “For the next four minutes. I’m gonna fucking, I’ll be your daddy."

The Foos then launched into a mellow version of "Big Me," all of which was caught on the cell phone of YouTuber Teresa Johnson, and it's so sweet that it hurts.

Foo Fighters Big Me 4-19-2018

This is the video where our Foo buddy, Landon, got to go on stage with Dave Grohl! I'm glad you were able to do that, so awesome!

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