(Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)

Detroit player Leonys Martín fouled a ball off his dong then smashed a homerun!

During a game against Pittsburgh, Detroit player Leonys Martín hit a foul ball that ricocheted and hit him right in the crotch.  You could tell it was incredibly painful because he spent a few moments on the ground and struggled to get back to his feet (as it should).

CJ Fogler on Twitter

Leonys Martin fouled a ball off the plate directly into his nuts, then 2 pitches later he hit a home run https://t.co/glumJsmTrT

What's amazing about this is...two pitches after the junk smash, he smashed the ball out of the park for a homerun!

Detroit Tigers on Twitter

Ready Batter One. https://t.co/1NUMSmliRC