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Police in Warren, MI found 68-year-old George Curtis dead in his home when they went there to do a welfare check after family members and relatives requested one after not hearing from him in months.  The police found him still in his bed with his body in a very bad state of decomposition.  They say he had likely been dead for months, possibly a whole year!

What is even crazier about this is that they also found his girlfriend was living with him and never reported the death or moved out.  Authorities took the woman to get a mental health assessment.  This is still an active investigation and the medical examiner is determining the cause of death.


Warren woman found to be living with dead boyfriend for months

Police made a disturbing discovery during a welfare check in Warren. The man in question was found dead, but he wasn't alone. Officers found 68-year-old George Curtis dead inside of his home on Burgundy Street in Warren Monday morning. They were conducting a welfare check at his relatives' behest.