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Police in Georgia were on the hunt for a man who tried robbing a Gamestop location with a REALLY bad disguise.  

The suspect has been apprehended which shouldn’t be a big surprise since he did a horrible job of disguising his identity.  The man wore plastic wrap that would normally be used to seal up a case of water bottles.  It’s mostly clear, but the way he wore it on his head nothing actually covering his face.  Police released security footage of the man and you can watch it below.

St. Marys Police Department

UPDATE**** He's been CAPTURED! DID YOU EVER give any thought to what your disguise was going to be when you decided the life of crime was your bag of water? Well this guy did! And YES he used a...


GameStop burglar tries to disguise face with clear plastic

April 17 (UPI) -- Police in Georgia shared security camera footage of a GameStop store burglar who tried to conceal his face with an unusual disguise -- a clear plastic wrapper. The St. Marys Police Department posted video to Facebook showing security camera footage from the Thursday night burglary.