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The last trailer for Marvel’s Deadpool 2 was just released online and fanboys of the DC universe are taking to twitter to vent their outrage with it!

In the trailer Deadpool takes a jab at the DC universe in a fight scene with Cable (played by Josh Brolin) you can see it in the trailer below.  Now this isn’t the first time Deadpool has caused an outcry from the DC fanboys, last time he poked fun at the Justice League and how they had to CGI out Superman’s mustache.

To be fair Deadpool isn’t just trying to bully the DC comics movies, he is a fair ball buster poking fun at members of the Marvel universe including Wolverine, Thanos, and the X-men.


DC fans aren't happy about Marvel's Deadpool taking a dig at them

Waiting for a new Deadpool 2 trailer is like waiting for Ricky Gervais to host an awards show - everyone is on their toes, wondering who's going to be skewered. And like the previous trailer for the superhero satire, the new one released on Thursday has left DC fans particularly peeved.