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We’re not sure if there is a battle between M&M’s and Oreo’s for who can have the most new flavor launches but M&M’s have struck again. This time an Orange Creamsicle flavored candy has hit the shelves at General Dollars around the country.

Technically the flavor is not “Orange Creamsicle” it’s “Orange Vanilla Cream” but it’s no secret what they were going for when they placed an orange popsicle graphic on the wrapper.

Currently these are a Dollar General store exclusive but be warned they may be hard to find.  Some stores have already sold out and others won’t carry them.


M&M's New Flavor Tastes Just Like A Creamsicle

It's safe to assume the mad geniuses behind M&M's latest flavors are a little ice cream-obsessed. In February, the candy company launched pastel-colored pieces that tasted like scoops of Neapolitan, and now - orange and white ones that riff on Creamsicle ice cream bars.