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A five-story mural of a big blue penis has to be painted over in Stockholm.  It was painted on the side of an apartment building and the locals in the surrounding neighborhood teamed up to get it removed.

The mural was only up for a week before complaints from the locals started flooding in.  The company that allowed the artist to paint the giant penis mural didn’t know that the artist was going to paint a giant penis, but is going to let it stay up for a short amount of time so that some can enjoy it before it is painted over.


Giant Penis Mural To Be Painted Over After Stiff Resistance From Locals [NSFW]

A five-story mural of a blue penis painted on a Stockholm apartment building is to be covered up after locals mobilized against it. The piece, by artist Carolina Falkholt, was up for only a week before neighbors began to take action. The company that owns the block, Atrium Ljungberg, told the local publication Aftonbladet they had received multiple complaints.