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A plumber in the UK was called to what ended up being the nastiest job of his professional career.  Steven Wolf says a woman called him in tears when she came back from vacation to find her “once beautiful bathroom a wreck.” 

Apparently, there was a blockage in the plumbing, and all the backflow ended up coming up from her toilet…causing what was dubbed a “volcano of poo.”  It was a dirty job, but Wolf did it, and even he couldn’t believe how good a job he did when it was all complete.  Look at the bathroom pictures at your own risk…you’ve been warned.


GRAPHIC PICS: Plumber reveals most shocking job he's ever attended after 'POO VOLCANO'

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT BELOW** FACEBOOK Steven Wolf, 49, agreed to do a cleanup job for an elderly customer when she called in tears at the state of her flat. The Kent plumber thought he would be attending a routine job, only to be confronted by a "volcano of poo" in the woman's basement flat.