(Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

If You Stare at This Picture, It Will Disappear

Here's an optical illusion that will mess with your brain.

There's a picture going viral that looks like a bunch of random color blobs.  But if you stare at it for a little while . . . it DISAPPEARS.

Troxler's Fading Witness This Mystical Illusion For Yourself

As we focus on a certain point in our perception field, that point becomes the main object of our visual system. When a blurry stimulus appears in a region of the visual field further from the point we are fixating, and we keep our eyes still, that stimulus will disappear even though it is still there.


It's because of something called the Troxler Effect.  When you stare at something long enough, it causes your eyes to adjust and makes some parts fade out of your vision.  And the way this picture is designed, it makes the colors fade.



This Optical Illusion Will Blow The Color Right Out Of Your Eyeballs

The latest optical illusion to sweep the internet isn't about a dress, a wall or a street. It's just a mess of colors ― or so it seems. But stare at the center of the image below long enough, and you might not be so sure there are any colors there at all: The vanishing colors are an illusion known as Troxler's fading, or the Troxler effect, named for Ignaz Paul Vital Troxler.