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It’s kind of weird that this food has existed across the ocean forever and it never really became a “thing” over here.

Over in England, they eat something called a “chip sandwich” . . . which is literally just French fries between two pieces of bread.  There’s no meat or anything.  It’s just fries and bread, with maybe some ketchup on top.


And apparently, these sandwiches are FINALLY on their way over here.  A tweet about chip sandwiches recently went viral, so now Americans are talking about them . . . and really, it’s about time.


America has just discovered the chip butty and Brits aren't happy

The chip sandwich or chip butty, as it is more commonly known is a treasured delicacy in the British Isles. As we all know, American's never pass up the chance to indulge in something that is highly unhealthy.