A man in trouble for allegedly attacking a woman with a pizza

A 24-year-old man from Ohio was arrested earlier in the week after police officers responded to domestic violence call.  When officers showed up the man slammed the door on them and refused to let them in. 

Once the officers were able to gain entry to the residence they saw that the man was clearly intoxicated.  According to the police report the victim that called the police says that whole incident started in the car when the suspect hit her in the face with a pizza and acted violent towards her.  Judging by his mugshot it looks like he's taking the charges very seriously.


Ohio man allegedly attacked woman with a pizza in domestic incident

(WXYZ) - An Ohio man has been arrested after he allegedly attacked a woman with a pizza earlier this week. According to ABC News, 24-year-old Kenneth Evans was arrested in Brookfield Township, Ohio, just before midnight on Tuesday. Officers responded to a domestic violence call and could hear yelling from inside and tires in the street.